What makes Favor Custom Homes a Quality Builder?

With over 55+ years of our staff’s building experience, we have built it ALL!  We have completed numerous homes, apartments, shopping centers, warehouses and office buildings in multiple states.

This vast experience allows us to know and build the finest quality projects.

Today, our company concentrates on building special, residential homes for special people.  We build each home like it was ours and offer the finest service possible.

Where does Favor Custom Homes Build?

While in the past, we concentrated the majority of our projects in Dallas, Texas, we now choose to live and build in Henderson and Rusk County, Texas.

We have a heart for East Texas and Henderson is OUR Home.

We enjoy building homes for our friends and neighbors.

Does Favor Custom Homes Only Build Custom Homes?

We build custom and spec homes.

At this time, we are concentrating on building spec homes.  These are our favorite homes to build and allow us to build open and unique floor plans at the lowest possible cost.

With today’s increasing building costs, this enables us to minimize the cost and maximize the design decisions.

What is a Spec Home?

Good Question!!

A spec home is a new, move-in-ready home built by home builders and are built before the home buyer makes a purchase.

Can I Choose Colors and Upgrades to My New Home?

If it is a custom home, you can choose almost every aspect of the home.

If it is a spec home, almost all of the choices are made by the builder.  We typically do not place the spec home on the market until all construction is almost complete.

Will Favor Custom Homes Build on My Lot?

If it is a custom home, we will be happy to build on your lot after we inspect the site and determine the feasibility of the project.

If you are purchasing a spec home, we have an inventory of lots on which we build.  We try to purchase quality lots in good existing neighborhoods.  By doing this, our customers can usually observe what the neighbors and neighborhoods are like.

Does Favor Custom Homes Offer a Warranty on Their Homes?

Favor Custom Homes offers a 10-year Limited Warranty on each home built.  The warranty is backed by third-party insurance companies who specialize in warranties for new homes.

Our warranties are inclusive and one of the best in the industry!

What is the Box in The Attic That I Hear About?

We place a wooden box in the highest point of the rafters of each home we build.  Inside the box is a Holy Bible.

We at Favor Custom Homes pray for the construction on each new home and the family who will reside in it.  Our sub-contractors are also encouraged to pray for each family who will reside in our homes.

We believe that the Word of God is the Shield, Defender and Covering for the home and the family who resides therein.

So… We continue to pray that God will help us to build the home in a manner that is pleasing to Him and that the family who enjoys the home is blessed with joy, peace and love.